My philanthropy

A collection of interviews with high-profile givers

In a decade of enormous change for the voluntary sector, individual giving has taken centre stage. And it is likely to become more important, particularly in an age of spending cuts.

Giving should be celebrated: to encourage individuals to give more and, importantly, to be open about it. With charities facing increasing difficulty in bridging the gap between growing demand for their services and falling income levels, we need more people to share why they choose to give to a particular charity and what it means to them.

In this report, nineteen high-profile individuals introduce the charities they feel most passionate about, and the reasons they first became involved. For some it was a personal experience or the chance to give to a local organisation that formed the initial connection; for others it was the opportunity to offer their expertise or the result of a lucky encounter. Several have chosen to align themselves to a particular charity, while others have donated to more than one cause. Here, all our philanthropists share what they have learnt, and offer their thoughts on how charities could make the giving experience more rewarding.

We hope that reading these stories of the rewards giving can bring will inspire others to think about how they might use their resources—whether that’s money, connections or expertise—to change lives for the better.