We often describe entrenched social issues as systemic. Such issues exist as part of a system, usually complex networks of cause and effect.

Systems thinking recognises that to tackle entrenched social issues and bring about lasting change, we need to think about the system as a whole and the relationships between its constituent parts. It’s only by understanding how numerous causes interact that we can identify where the system fails and devise solutions that go below the surface to address the complex web of root causes.

The first step is to map the system to give a clear view of how it works. We’ve been doing this to understand what influences the recovery journeys of adults experiencing multiple disadvantage, as part of our work with Fulfilling Lives Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham. Fulfilling Lives LSL want to understand what influences the impact of support for adults experiencing multiple disadvantage to help shift the system and more effectively address the root causes that contribute to an issue.

Explore our systems map below:

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