The hidden assassin

Cancer in the UK, a guide for donors and grant-makers

Cancer accounts for one in four of all deaths; 150,000 people die from the disease each year in the UK alone. Yet there are ways to improve the quality and sometimes the length of people’s lives.

NPC’s report, The hidden assassin, explores the extent of the disease in Britain, and looks at the various interventions to treat and support cancer patients.

Did you know?

  • Cancer accounts for one in four of all deaths in the UK.
  • Despite the number of people being diagnosed with cancer rising over the last 25 years, less people now die from the disease. In the last quarter of a century mortality rates have dropped by 12%.

The report highlights a number of areas donors could consider funding, including:

  • Therapies to combat the physically demanding nature of cancer treatments, including massage, art therapy and spiritual support
  • Lifestyle courses on how to help live with cancer and counselling and drop-in support centres for patients and families
  • Information, including publications and helplines for people living with cancer and their families and carers.

 Charities do absolutely essential work providing emotional support, on top of the medical care.

Dinah McKenzie, report author