Encourage improvement

Through our work with charities and funders, we see many charity sector organisations struggle with key operational issues like governance and corporate partnerships, impact measurement and getting the right systems in place.

We explore these challenges and investigate ways to overcome them. We research existing evidence and talk to people to gather different perspectives. Then we generate ideas and solutions, and build the charity sector’s interest in making a change.

Stimulate debate

We aim to be a critical friend to the charity sector, spurring it on when it’s doing well, calling it out when we know it can do better. And in between there’s plenty of room for constructive debate.

Through original research, opinion pieces, topical events and our annual charity conference, we get stuck in to important issues facing the charity sector, and provide a platform for insight and challenge.

Because we believe it is only through discussion and debate that we can challenge the status quo, highlight fresh perspectives and stimulate new thinking.


Champion promising approaches

The world of social change is full of good ideas. Looking across the charity sector and beyond, we highlight promising approaches—so that charitable organisations can put them into practice. And sometimes we even try them out ourselves.

Along the way, we share examples of impactful work being done by charities and funders themselves, so more organisations can be inspired.

I may not always agree with what you say, but you always raise the right issues that need to be debated.

Charles Nall
Former Chairman, Charity Finance Group