Sarah Sandford

Sarah has twenty years’ experience as a researcher and consultant in the field of philanthropy. As Principal for data, she is passionate about funders and charities getting the best information and analysis to fuel their activities and evolution. In the past as an independent consultant she has worked on:

  • data analysis for foundations
  • the impact of funders’ application processes on charities,
  • the effects of competition between charities

As an academic, she worked on the economics of philanthropy, philanthropy in developing countries and social innovation in Europe.

Sarah will be taking forward NPC’s projects on Data Labs and the Local Needs Databank.

She is particularly interested in multiple sources of social exclusion or deprivation, particularly for asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants. Having lived for over 10 years in France, she has worked for refugee charity France Terre d’Asile as a volunteer translator for English-Speaking asylum seekers.

Sarah holds a doctorate in economics from the London School of Economics and a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge.

Why I work for NPC

Being surrounded by so many brilliant and committed colleagues is invaluable.

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