A group of young people walking away from the camera

What is My Best Life phase 2?

By Charlotte Lamb 16 August 2019 2 minute read

Young people face many challenges. Last year, NPC worked with young people in Camden to understand what helped them to live the life they want, and what barriers stood in the way.

The young people we spoke to shared a range of issues, from language barriers to workplace discrimination and unstable housing. The things that everyone had in common was not knowing where to go for help.

They either didn’t know help was available, they didn’t think that help was targeted at them, or they didn’t receive the support they wanted when they received help.

My Best Life phase 1 was a research project to understand what young people struggle with. In the current phase, we will be working in collaboration with other charities, starting with The MixLeap Confronting Conflict, and UK Youth.

We want to:

  1. Create better outcomes for young people through digital solutions. By working in partnership with organisations in the youth and digital sectors, young people, and youth practitioners, we hope to co-design such a solution.
  2. Encourage a shift in how the sector approaches challenges like this. We want the sector to make better use of digital solutions, and for funders and charities to collaborate to do this. By working in the open, this project will share what worked, and what didn’t work for collaborative, digital projects. In the hope that it will support others to work in this way.
  3. Produce solutions designed by young people, for young people. Young people have the right to be involved in decision-making for solutions that affect them. Without this we are reinforcing many of the structures and power dynamics that we are trying to challenge.
  4. Focus on the value of the process. Engagement with the process itself is as important as the outcome. Young people engaging in the process is not a means to an end. We want the young people involved to gain experience through the process.