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Charity Expert Katie Boswell headshot

Afghanistan: How to provide effective emergency assistance

on 18 August 2021 , 3 minute read

Both professional funders and individuals looking to make a donation are asking how they can support the relief effort in Afghanistan. How can they, what are the risks and what will make a difference?

Data expert Rosario Piazza

An update on ‘Data Labs’

on 17 August 2021 , 3 minute read

Our 'Data Labs' project aims to open up government administrative data to the charity sector. Data Labs allow organisations to answer the all-important question: did we make a difference?

laptop on zoom
Charity Media Expert Will Hanford

What has Covid-19 taught us about loneliness?

on 12 August 2021 , 6 minute read

Lockdown has intensified loneliness, with many vulnerable people feeling forgotten. Charities have learnt a lot about adapting to support service users and sustain engagement.

social care

We need to reimagine care, not just fix it

By Anna Dixon
on 11 August 2021 , 4 minute read

Successive governments have made little progress on much-needed social care reform. With the pandemic exposing the cracks in our care system, we must now reimagine social care.

Wind turbines
Environmental Expert Liz Gadd

Four ways for social funders to address the climate crisis

on 9 August 2021 , 4 minute read

It is hoped that, if we can cut global emissions in half by 2030 and reach net carbon zero by 2050, we can halt and even reverse global temperature rises. Here's how funders, regardless of their mission, can help.

NPC event attendees

Five reasons why you should buy a ticket to NPC Ignites 2021

on 5 August 2021 , 3 minute read

Join us at NPC Ignites in October. Learn about the latest developments in our sector, network with other delegates, and discuss solutions to your organisation's challenges with NPC’s charity experts.

Policy Expert Tom

How to measure the health of the charity sector

By Tom Collinge
on 22 July 2021 , 4 minute read

With the recent relaxation of Covid-19 regulations in England, can we find a metric that helps us better understand the health of our sector as we enter a world without coronavirus restrictions?

table discussions
Charity Think Tank Sarah Broad

Have our diversity, equity and inclusion activities had a positive impact?

on 20 July 2021 , 3 minute read

As part of our commitment to embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into all aspects of our work, we wanted to refresh our values and be more transparent about the standards we expect of ourselves and others. What impact have these changes had?

Sharing sanitiser
Charity Expert Dan Corry

Using what we learnt during the pandemic to tackle inequality

on 15 July 2021 , 3 minute read

A crisis can bring us together. In actuality, covid has further exposed the divides in our society. We want to discuss inequality and how we can tackle it, using what we learnt during the pandemic.

National Gallery

How the National Gallery went ‘digital-only’ during the pandemic and what reopening could look like for the arts

By Kate Iddon
on 8 July 2021 , 4 minute read

The public arts sector may soon be able to welcome large numbers of visitors for the first time since March 2020. How did the National Gallery increase its digital offering during the pandemic and what learnings will the arts sector take into the post-pandemic world?

UK street
Charity Expert Dan Corry

Is ‘levelling up’ just a soundbite?

on 7 July 2021 , 4 minute read

The government wants to do something called 'levelling up' and it is popular amongst the public. What does this policy actually entail and how can the government meet the public's expectations of it?

placard reads
Environmental Expert Liz Gadd

How can the social sector catch-up and keep up with the transition to net zero?

on 5 July 2021 , 4 minute read

If not managed well, some of the most vulnerable in our society could be hardest hit by the climate emergency. The social sector needs to engage with the transition to net carbon zero to ensure that no one is left behind by changes to the climate and climate related policy.

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