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Late, lukewarm and bland?

Our take on this week’s government anticlimax

The government has finally responded to the House of Lords Select Committee report on Stronger Charities for a Stronger Society—ten months after its publication. This week the Lords discussed the government’s response, and were not impressed. Nathan Yeowell, NPC’s new Head of Policy and External Affairs, has four reflections on the debate and the status of the report as we look forward to the year ahead.

image of a shooting star

To 2018 and beyond

Our work can sometimes feel like star gazing—you get engrossed in the detail of one area, then start to wonder how things going on in other areas relate. So taking a step back, here’s a look what NPC will be working on in the year ahead.

Brexit will impact charities’ missions as well as their money

Despite the ferocity and divisiveness of the debates elsewhere, the charity sector has been strangely passive on the topic of Brexit, argues Rob Abercrombie. Granted, there’s limited space to think about newer issues when times are already tough. But if the voluntary sector is only focused on the financial implications of Brexit, they’ll miss both threats and opportunities related to their wider missions. Here he outlines three areas that need more attention.

There’s more than one way to merge a charity: Part 1

Charity mergers are a divisive topic—viewed by some as a silver bullet, others as taboo. But both camps often overlook the myriad of reasons mergers can happen, and the form such consolidation takes. Showcasing early findings from our ongoing mergers research, Oliver Carrington looks to inject some nuance back into the discussion.

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