How has place-based coordination changed?

on 22 October 2020 , 4 minute read

We’re tracking three areas to understand how places are adapting to meet evolving needs in their communities. NPC has published an interim paper for this 'Coordination in place' project. This blog sets out some findings from our research so far.


Coordination in place: Interim report

on 22 October 2020

This is an interim report for our 'Coordination in place' project. We’re tracking three areas, to understand how these places are adapting to meet evolving needs in their communities.


Place-based approaches, collaboration and working on future issues in response to Covid-19

By Clare Wightman
on 13 August 2020 , 4 minute read

Grapevine chose to create the space to get ahead on future issues, rather than focusing on emergency response during the pandemic. We must now start to proactively build the economic and social capital needed to take action on the causes of tomorrow’s problems.


Five questions your trustees should ask about place

on 3 March 2020 , 4 minute read

We recently ran a seminar to explore what place-based working means in the context of trusteeship. Place-based approaches involve coordinating work at the local level to achieve outcomes that meet the needs of local people. What can boards be doing to help implement these approaches?


Build on the social aspect of towns

on 13 February 2020 , 5 minute read

Dan Corry argues the 'levelling up' discussion about towns must take into account the social side not just physical infrastructure, which will require local and national government to get to grips with the social sector.


Where are England’s charities?

on 16 January 2020

Are they in the right places and what can we do if they are not? In this provocation paper Dan Corry uses data to ask if the current distribution of charities around the country is what we would want in an ideal world and explores what government, funders and charities could do about it.


What can UK charities learn about place based work from the international humanitarian sector?

on 15 October 2019

In recent years there has been renewed interest both in the UK charity and international humanitarian sectors, in place-based approaches. Why is this? Are they talking about the same kind of work? And does terminology matter? NPC Consultant Elizabeth Parker sheds light on the issue.


Transforming young people’s experience of Shakespeare

By Jacqui O’Hanlon
on 10 September 2019 , 5 minute read

In this guest blog, Jacqui O’Hanlon from the Royal Shakespeare Company shares how to use place, partnerships and youth leadership to engage young people in arts and culture.


Our framework for Place

on 14 August 2019

The places where we live and work define who we are and what we do. We've developed this framework to share common characteristics we’ve identified from our consulting and think tank work, which we believe will prove invaluable for developing your own place-based projects.


Radical roots to practical action—the case for place

on 8 July 2019

What does ‘place’ mean in the context of policy? And what does it mean for charities, policymakers and private funders?


The importance of people and place in creating effective lasting social change in communities

By Sally-Anne Greenfield
on 26 June 2019 , 4 minute read

Sally-Anne Greenfield, newly appointed trustee of NPC talks about why she believes our new strategy is an important step in the right direction.


Labour’s Civil Society Strategy

on 14 June 2019 , 5 minute read

Labour launched its own Civil Society Strategy this week. Here Tom Collinge, NPC Media and Communications Manager draws out what this means for charities and funders.