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Join our next in-person networking event for trustees on 20 June: How can trustees evolve and adapt to meet today’s challenges?

As the social sector continues to interrogate how it can be more equitable and inclusive, are there ways in which we can shift how we lead charities so they better reflect these values?  

In this free seminar — run in partnership with the Clothworker’s Company – we will explore what we can learn from organisations who structure their governance in alternative ways – from upending top-down models of trusteeship, to sharing responsibilities among directors. What can these less hierarchical ways of working teach us? 

Seth Scafe-Smith will be joining us from Theatrum Mundi to talk through their Co-Director management model and how they’ve reshaped their board so it’s more embedded in the work they do. 

Abi Woodman, Chair of East London Waterworks Park, will explain how they have put into place a sociocratic model and how they are evolving this as the organisation grows. 

During the discussion we will: 

  • Find out what alternative deliberation, decision-making and leadership models look like  
  • Think through the implications of alternative governance models for the work charities do and the funders who support them 


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Catch up on this event via our YouTube channel

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