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Hypotheses we want to test

Throughout this project, the My Best Life team want to test several hypotheses. We’ll be checking in on these regularly.

Below are some of your initial hypotheses – we would love to hear your thoughts, and ideas.


Hypothesis 1: Working in the open leads to more shared knowledge, building collective value, project legacy, transparency and accountability.

  • Does working in the open help or hinder effective decision-making? ​
  • When does working in the open help? When does working in the open hinder? ​

Hypothesis 2: For true collaboration you must give up power and/or control.

  • How do you give up power effectively when working in collaboration? ​
  • How do you give up power effectively when involving users?​

Hypothesis 3: Involving users early in the process allows more relevant solutions to be built​.

  • Does involving users in the process allow more relevant solutions to be built?​
  • When is it most important to involve users? When is too early/too late?​
  • How do we balance individual needs with the needs of communities/society?​
  • How can we best involve users? / What does a high-quality approach look like?
  • How do you co-design user experience? How can we best value their time and expertise? ​

Hypothesis 4: You can implement a culture of learning in collaborative project.​

  • How do you facilitate a culture of learning?​
  • What is a good culture of learning? How do you know if you have one?​

Hypothesis 5: Digital solutions can help young people to navigate services more effectively​.

  • When and why do digital solutions help young people to navigate services?​
  • What norms and behaviour are you encouraging or incentivising over time?

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