Our Work

Theory of change

NPC leads the way in supporting funders and charities of all shapes and sizes to develop their own theory of change. This versatile framework can help you clarify your focus and pinpoint exactly how you are driving change—whether through your services, campaigns or funding. Our original theory of change paper has been downloaded over 20,000 times—and it is central to much of our work, including our four pillars approach to impact measurement.

97% of our clients in the past year say they would recommend us to others, and 1 in 2 have used NPC’s services before.

How we work with you

We can support you in lots of ways—training you to create your own theory of change, or working alongside you to build and refine it. We can help you develop a theory of change for a project, programme, a whole organisation, a group of organisations or an entire sector. We tailor our approach to fit with your strategy process or as part of your impact measurement development.

  • We ensure your aims are realistic—taking into account the evidence, and questioning assumptions.
  • We design and facilitate theory of change workshops that draw out different stakeholders’ viewpoints and help you reach a consensus.
  • We help build your capacity by equipping you with the skills and understanding to take your theory of change approach forward. This could be as a basis for a new strategy, a measurement framework, or other purposes.


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