Green philanthropy: Funding solutions to environmental problems

It is clear that the world’s environment faces serious problems. Less clear is how donors can help to solve these problems and create positive change. NPC’s report on environmental issues, Green philanthropy provides some answers.

The report is the first of its kind. It is a high-level ‘how to’ guide for donors that explains:

The problems: Although climate change is grabbing headlines, there are other pressing issues: from deforestation to biodiversity to collapsing fish stocks—these issues demand attention too.

Charities’ solutions: Solutions are not only in the gift of government and businesses. Charities play a vital role in tackling environment problems—as pioneers, leaders, managers and guardians they have achieved remarkable successes. Charities are uniquely placed to make a difference, but they are hampered by too little funding.

Practical steps for donors: From providing long-term funding to effective charities to sharing experience of what works, Green philanthropy outlines the main priorities for donors.

Green philanthropy equips donors with the information they need to make a difference. It is relevant both to experienced philanthropists in this area and those who have not considered supporting environment charities before.