Analyse your qualitative and quantitative data to understand impact.

The third step in the cycle is Assess. This involves assessing your data to look for patterns and themes and drawing conclusions about what is happening.

In this section, we provide advice and practical worksheets to support you to:

  • Analyse your data – What’s the best way to make sense of the data you’ve collected? This can include working with:
    • Quantitative data – How can you analyse quantitative data to understand the extent of change?
    • Qualitative data – How can you analyse qualitative data to understand the reasons for change?
  • Put your data into context – How can you compare your data to understand it in a wider context? This includes using baselines and benchmarks.

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This webpage has been adapted from the Inspiring Impact programme, which ran from 2011 until early 2022 and supported voluntary organisations to improve their impact practice. More information about the Inspiring Impact programme.