Angela Kail

Angela leads the Research and Consulting team at NPC, driving the team’s focus on impact and managing its operations. The team supports and partners with organisations to help them articulate their purpose, manage to outcomes, understand their impact and learn.

Over the years at NPC, Angela has worked on a wide variety of consulting projects with both charities and funders. She has provided strategy advice to several large funders, including the Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales and The RS MacDonald Trust. At the moment, Angela leads NPC’s pooled fund to help EU Citizens achieve Settled Status in the UK—the Transition Advice Fund. She has recently authored a report on what works in engaging young people in the arts.

She works with several philanthropists to make their giving more impactful.

Her work on helping charities and funders measure their impact includes leading the  piloting of NPC’s shared approach to measuring the Journey to Employment, and its adaptation to Northern Ireland. She also led the development of a shared framework for financial capability. She has evaluated several funders, and helped funders develop proportionate and appropriate measurement frameworks.

Angela was instrumental in developing NPC’s approach to theory of change, shared measurement and work with philanthropists.

Prior to working at NPC, Angela was an investment analyst at Baillie Gifford for three years, one of the UK largest fund managers.

You can find Angela on Twitter.

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