Seth Reynolds

As Principal Consultant for Systems Change, Seth works in the Research & Consulting Team, helping charities and funders improve their strategies and maximise impact through more systemic working. Prior to joining NPC in February 2020, Seth worked in Cape Town, South Africa, where he established and managed a multi-agency, place-based programme to reduce youth violence using the ‘Collective Impact’ methodology.

Seth is an accomplished facilitator, trainer and consultant, having established, designed and delivered NGO training programmes in the UK, Central America and Brazil. Seth brings to NPC particular experience and knowledge in youth violence prevention methodologies, having worked for over 10 years with charities and NGOs focused on high-risk youth in contexts as diverse as Mexico, Colombia, Kenya, South Africa and the UK.

Seth originally trained and worked as a documentary producer and has made numerous films and videos for charities and NGOs, trained young people in video production and conducted campaigns for charities and NGOs in the UK and Latin America.

Seth is passionate about system leadership, collective impact and the knotty business of cross-organisational collaboration. He holds a post-grad in Systems Thinking in Practice and speaks fluent Spanish.

You can find Seth on Twitter.

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Why I work for NPC

NPC has always pushed and challenged, as well as supported and strengthened, the sector. Working at NPC gives me a platform to ask important questions, engage with complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

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