Seth Reynolds

As Principal Systems Change Consultant, Seth develops and oversees projects that are seeking to shift entrenched social problems through more systemic and integrated working.

Seth leads NPC’s think-tank work developing and sharing models and approaches that improve systemic working in the social sector. He has led numerous projects using systems mapping, analysis and strategy to improve systemic practice in the sector. These have included NPC’s systems mapping work on breaking reoffending cycles; a project supporting hygiene poverty charity, In Kind Direct, to develop new strategies informed by better systems analysis; a four-year evaluation of Save the Children UK’s programme to change early learning systems in four communities; and a partnership project with Rethink Mental Illness to change supported housing systems for people needing mental health support.

Seth regularly delivers trainings and workshops on all aspects of systems change, has published influential blogs on the topic and is currently writing NPC’s upcoming “Systems Practice Toolkit”.

Seth is an accomplished facilitator, with training in tools such as Deep Democracy, Three Horizons and Theory-U. He has created and led training and support programmes for civil society organisations in the UK and internationally.

Prior to joining NPC in February 2020, Seth set up and ran a multi-agency youth violence prevention programme in Cape Town, South Africa, using the Collective Impact methodology, through which he developed first-hand knowledge of building multi-agency partnerships in highly complex environments. He holds a post-graduate diploma in Systems Thinking in Practice and speaks fluent Spanish.

You can find Seth on Twitter.

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Why I work for NPC

NPC has always pushed and challenged, as well as supported and strengthened, the sector. Working at NPC gives me a platform to ask important questions, engage with complex problems and develop innovative solutions.

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