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The future of measurement and evaluation

While good measurement and evaluation is key to increasing the effectiveness of the social sector, for many, the words spell despair. But things are changing, as our new research shows. New applications and new technology are making measurement and evaluation easier to approach and more useful for helping organisations move forward. Dan Corry explains.

Happy birthday to us! NPC turns 15

NPC has been working for a decade and a half to improve the work of charitable organisations. Here our CEO Dan Corry explains why this milestone is no cause for rest, but merely a platform to continue to transform the charity sector.


What can charities learn from the Taylor Review on employment?

Yesterday’s publication of the Taylor Review—which looks at modern work and employment practices—has rightly received lots of attention. And its findings bring a much needed prompt for the charity sector to scrutinise how it treats its employees. There are difficult questions to be asked and issues to be balanced. Here, Andrew Weston looks at job instability, low pay, and overwork in charity sector.

Does the Commission on the Donor Experience promote donor-centric or donor-led fundraising?

The recent report by the Commission on the Donor Experience has been received by both applause, and a thread of concern. In many ways, the report is a valuable resource for the sector, but it fails to adequately address the fundamental principle of fundraising, namely that it is first and foremost a mechanism to enable activity in support of service users and beneficiaries.

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