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Partners in crime?

It seems there is a lack of engagement from central government with the contribution criminal justice charities can make. But greater devolution of powers could change this. Drawing on insights from a recent roundtable with the Police Foundation, Grace Wyld explains why greater collaboration is needed between charities and Police and Crime Commissioners.

Education, enterprise, evidence (and the Eighteenth Century?)

Terms like ‘start-up’ and ‘social enterprise’ sound like brand new approaches to pervasive social issues. But, as he explains below, James Noble has found that the model is not quite as new as we might think. And like the social enterprises of old, modern ventures need a solid approach to understanding and improving the success of their work. Read about an ‘olde worlde’ approach to social impact, and our guide for today’s start-ups.

So how diverse is your charity’s board?

In the private sector, the move towards greater board diversity has been building for years now. And as a result, a compelling case has been made for how it can boost organisations’ performance. Reflecting on a recent NPC roundtable, Julia Oliver argues that the third sector needs to step up and follow suit. She offers some ideas as to why and how trustees should open themselves up to get different skills, insights and perspectives on board.

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