Criminal justice


Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence: Consultation Response from New Philanthropy Capital

on 21 September 2018

This document is NPC's submission to the Ministry of Justice's 2018 consultation on the future direction of the Probation Service and sets out our view that charities have a unique offering the system and could so much to improve it, if they were supported.


Understanding women’s pathways through the criminal justice system

on 9 July 2018

More than 13,500 women are imprisoned in the UK every year. The reasons why are complex but they must be understood if these numbers are to be reduced. This research has been commissioned by the J Leon Philanthropy Council to gain a better understanding of women’s pathways into and through the criminal justice system.

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Our long-term vision for the voluntary sector in criminal justice

on 28 June 2018

Consultant Grace Wyld sets out the three areas which will define NPC's criminal justice work over the next year.

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Five years of justice data labs

on 30 May 2018

James Noble, our Impact Management Lead, wishes the Justice Data Lab a happy fifth birthday and sets out some of the amazing impact it has achieved in that time.


Campaigning for justice reform in 2018

on 16 March 2018

With prisons in crisis and with policy makers preoccupied by Brexit, Grace Wyld asks—how does the social sector go about campaigning for meaningful criminal justice reform in 2018?


NPC’s evidence for the Select Committee on Citizenship and Civic Engagement

on 24 October 2017

Our submission, focusing on the role of civil society in civic engagement.


Long read: Charities’ prison access problem and the promise of digital

on 19 September 2017

An acute public sector worker crisis in our prisons means that some officers are too understaffed to safely unlock prisoners to take part in purposeful activity. Grace Wyld looks at the importance of accessible prisons, and how digital solutions might help.


Beyond bars: Maximising the sector’s contribution in criminal justice

on 28 March 2017

In this piece we outline our findings from research into the role of charities in the criminal justice sector. We make suggestions for how funders, commissioners and government, and charities can work to maximise the voluntary sector's value-add in the criminal justice sector.


Britain’s prisons and the role of charities

on 11 January 2017

Following a number of prison riots and wider concerns about the state of Britain's prisons, criminal justice has rarely been out of the news of late. At NPC we're researching the role of the charities in reducing reoffending and improving outcomes for those in the criminal justice system. Grace Wyld, who is involved in this research, reflects on the findings so far.


Partners in crime?

on 15 December 2016

It seems there is a lack of engagement from central government with the contribution criminal justice charities can make. But greater devolution of powers could change this. Drawing on insights from a recent roundtable with the Police Foundation, Grace Wyld explains why greater collaboration is needed between charities and Police and Crime Commissioners.


How can charities maximise their impact by working with PCCs?

on 15 December 2016

Insights from a roundtable hosted by NPC and the Police Foundation.

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A foothold on the uphill struggle towards measuring impact

on 11 October 2016

There are many obstacles to measuring impact, and at NPC we work hard to help charities overcome them. Here, James Noble talks through a recent review of one solution—the Justice Data Lab at the Ministry of Justice—explaining why we think the model shows real promise for helping us reach the impact summit.