Strengthening Probation, Building Confidence: Consultation Response from New Philanthropy Capital

Charities play a significant role delivering impact in probation and in the wider justice sector. But amendments to the existing probation systems could allow charities to achieve more impact.

Key findings and recommendations:

  • Charities build trust with both offenders and prison officers and this takes time. Charities need longevity within the prison environment to see results.
  • Most charities have been locked out of the supply chain but are supporting the work of Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRCs) regardless.
  • Charities add unique value, and our early analysis of Justice Data Lab results suggests that programmes delivered by charities could be twice as effective as large scale national government programmes.

Our submission also addresses the main challenges for charities caused by efforts to reform probation so far and includes recommendations on how to mitigate these and prevent further reforms negatively impacting the sector.

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