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What’s next for Conservative thinking on civil society?

About this event

From the Big Society through to the ‘war on woke’, Conservative thinking on the role of charities in society has been diverse, with different groups within the Conservative Party advocating for very different approaches for how government and the charity sector should work alongside each other.

As we head into the next general election, this event will help charities and funders to better understand current Conservative views on civil society, and what it means for them.

We will be joined by Samuel Kasumu, former Special Adviser to the Prime Minister on Civil Society and Communities, and Jo Gideon, MP to discuss:

  • What differing approaches to the role of civil society are there in the Conservative Party?
  • What might these differing approaches mean for civil society?
  • How can the sector best influence the Conservative party in the run-up to, and following, the general election?


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