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NPC’s Labour fringe meeting: A ready resource

How can charities support the prosperity of a Labour Britain?

About this event

Join us at NPC’s event at the Labour Party Conference this year.

Civil society is well recognised for its crucial role in communities around the country, but the wider economic benefits that charities bring about by improving the skills, education and health of these communities are less recognised. This discussion will explore how we can maximise the sector’s economic contribution and how they can work better with a Labour government to bring about sustainable growth for all parts of the UK.

We will be joined on the panel by:

Lilian Greenwood MP – Shadow Minister for Civil Society

Rushanara Ali MP – Shadow Minister for Investment and Small Business

Clare Corran – CEO of Positive Futures

Dan Corry  (chair) – CEO of NPC and former Senior Adviser to the Prime Minister on the Economy from 2007-2010.

This discussion follows from NPC’s work this year exploring the role of civil society in reducing health and education inequalities in Levelling Up priority areas across the UK. You can find the summary and link to the full report here. NPC will also be attending other party conferences this year and will be open to discussing these topics there.

For further information on the event or our ongoing work on Levelling Up, please contact NPC Policy Manager Theo Clay at


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