Priorities for digital technology in the youth sector

Over twelve months, we worked with a group of young people experiencing multiple disadvantages in the London Borough of Camden.

We sought to understand their experiences—as told in their own words—and identify how digital technology could help.

The interactive map below is a digital version of the map we created in workshops with young people.

Download the report for more detail about our approach and what we found. Or dip into the possibilities to find how technology could help young people navigate their journey towards what they call their ‘best life’.

Original experience map, created in workshops

Interactive version of the map

How could technology help young people along this journey?

Magan's story

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Zoe's story

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Jared's story

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Anna's story

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Project team

teenagers on phone

My Best Life 2

Discover the next chapter of this work, and get involved in our open and collaborative initiative to develop digital solutions to the challenges this project has identified.

My best life