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The environment movement needs to be about people as much as planet if it is to succeed. Both climate change and the actions we’re taking to confront it will affect different people in different ways, and people who are poor or marginalised may be hit hardest. Social and environmental charities, philanthropists, and campaigners must therefore work together and with communities if our response to the environmental crises is to benefit everyone.

At NPC, we’re helping charities and funders step up their role in the transition to a post-carbon economy, working together across social and environmental areas.

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Learn how we helped On The Edge Conservation in their set-up and impact practice and how we evaluated ClientEarth’s Forests Programme.


Everyone’s Environment

We are partnering with social and environmental charities to better understand how the environmental crises will affect different social groups, including young people, older people, disabled people, minoritised groups and people living with health conditions.

We’ll be launching our “Everyone’s Environment” programme in Autumn 2022, so keep an eye on our newsletters and events page. We’re very grateful to the John Ellerman Foundation and the William Grant Foundation for supporting this ambitious programme.

We hope to expand the programme further, including looking at issues of intersectional disadvantage, poor housing and poverty, and geographical challenges like flooding, drought, coastal erosion and isolated rural communities. Could you fund one of these programme strands? If so, please get in touch.

Read more about the start of this work.

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