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Environmental action needs to be about people as much as the planet if it is to succeed. Both the climate and nature crises and the actions we’re taking to confront it will affect different people in different ways, and people who are poor or marginalised may be hit hardest.

Social and environmental charities and funders must therefore work together and with communities if our response to the environmental crises is to benefit everyone.

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Everyone’s Environment

We are partnering with over 40 social and environmental charities to empower people from the UK’s diverse social groups to have a say on how we confront the climate and nature crises.

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The environmental crises will not affect all people in the same way; some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised people are likely to be worst affected by our changing environment or related policy.

Those impacts are poorly understood and very few of the people affected have been included in decision-making on how society responds.

Charities and funders have a critical role to play in supporting and empowering different social groups to be part of the solutions. That’s why we’re working with charities in the social and environmental sectors to:

  • Gather evidence of the impact the environmental crises will have on different social groups.
  • Hear directly from people in these groups about what environmental solutions they want to see happen.
  • Bring social and environmental charities together to address barriers to action and find common ground on policies.

We’re very grateful to the John Ellerman Foundation and the William Grant Foundation for supporting this ambitious programme. And we are still actively fundraising – could you support NPC and partners to delivery this ambitious programme?

We will begin with strands looking at the issues for young people, minority ethnic groups, disabled people and older people, and those living with health conditions. We hope to expand the Everyone’s Environment programme to include poor housing and poverty, and geographical challenges like flooding, drought, coastal erosion, and isolated rural communities.


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