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Lost in transition

By Clare Yeowart
on 25 June 2009

The Royal College of General Practitioners (the UK's membership body for general practice doctors) today called for an urgent review of adolescent healthcare as ‘too many young people are getting lost in the system’...

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Confidence in charities

By John Copps
on 12 June 2009

A BBC news report last year on the credit crunch made the point that wherever the word ‘capital’ has been used to describe the crisis in the economy (eg, the ‘shortage of capital’) we could just as easily replace it with the word ‘confidence’.

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An Association of Nonprofit Analysts?

on 20 May 2009

Yesterday was a big day for NPC, as we, with Bertelsmann Stiftung, brought together two hundred charity professionals to discuss nonprofit analysis.

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Hello and welcome!

on 14 May 2009

My name is Martin Brookes and I am the Chief Executive of NPC, a unique and increasingly influential organisation. New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) enables charities and funders to do good, better.

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