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Listen: The Levelling Up white paper

on 18 February 2022

Leah Davis chats with Rebecca Cooney and Alina Martin on the Third Sector podcast.

Philanthropy expert Tris Lumley

20 years of NPC: Looking back, to the future

on 18 February 2022 , 3 minute read

NPC is 20 years old. As we strive to maximise social impact for the people we all exist to serve, what challenges need to be addressed head on over the next 20 years?

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Improving the relationship between charities and government

on 15 February 2022

Relationships are hard, but we’ve invested far too much to give up now. Maybe with a little better communication, we can both see the bigger picture and remember why we got together in the first place.

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Listen: Purposely Podcast

on 10 February 2022

Dan Corry chats with Mark Longbottom, host of Purposely Podcast, about NPC's journey and what the future holds for the social sector.

Data expert Rosario Piazza

Data can help charities, funders and policymakers better understand needs

on 9 February 2022 , 4 minute read

The Local needs databank pulls together over 50 indicators of need for all 382 local authorities and government districts in the UK. By sharing intelligence and collectively making sense of the inequalities we face, we will gradually reduce them.

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Grading the levelling up White Paper: Shows promise but room for improvement

on 4 February 2022 , 4 minute read

The White Paper sets out an ambitious and positive framework for action on ‘levelling up’—but has less on the resources necessary to make it happen.

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The future of blended finance and affordable loans for charities

on 27 January 2022 , 3 minute read

NPC have been awarded the tender to produce an independent review for the government on the future of subsidy for blended finance. What exactly is subsidy for blended finance?

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Listen: What if we could start from scratch?

on 27 January 2022

Podcast: What if we could start over from scratch? What would we do differently?

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The spectrum of user involvement approaches

on 26 January 2022 , 4 minute read

‘Involvement’ is a broad term. Many charities involve people with lived experience in many different ways. What's important is that the involvement affects how decisions are made.

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Taking a whole-system approach to criminal justice

on 20 January 2022 , 4 minute read

Given the complexities in the criminal justice system, we must take a whole-system approach to reoffending. By focusing on overlooked and underfunded areas, we can plant the seeds for a fairer criminal justice system.

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Seeking social justice: People, power, and the law

on 7 January 2022 , 4 minute read

One of the most fundamental functions of the law should be to protect the rights of individuals. How can charities use the power of the law to seek social justice and achieve their campaign goals?

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Charity Expert Dan Corry

A big year for social impact and for NPC

on 6 January 2022

For us at NPC, 2022 is our 20th year of existence. 20 years working with, and as part of, this terrific charity and philanthropy sector to help it maximise its social impact. Already this year we are excited by lots of things we have upcoming.

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