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Charity Expert Angela Kail

How we are incorporating diversity, equity and inclusion into our work with charities, philanthropists and funders

on 29 June 2021 , 4 minute read

We are embedding diversity, equity and inclusion into our work, this includes work with charities, philanthropists and funders. In this blog, we set out some of the progress we have made with our consultancy work.

Conversation between two individuals
charity impact Abigail Rose

Uncovering key factors that can help break the cycle of reoffending

on 25 June 2021 , 4 minute read

We are creating a systems map that will help funders better target their resources in the criminal justice system. It will show how factors that drive the cycle of reoffending exist within an interconnected system.

Volunteers building
Systems change expert Seth Reynolds

Covid has changed the charity sector: we need to change with it

on 22 June 2021 , 5 minute read

Seismic shifts are occurring in our sector – not just in practices, but also in attitudes.

Stack of laptops

What one small charity learnt through lockdown

By Natasha Banke
on 15 June 2021 , 4 minute read

For Small Charity Week 2021, we are exploring the adaptability and efficiency of small charities. Here, Hull and East Yorkshire Children’s University describe their work providing learning packs, well-being resources and laptops to children in their area throughout the pandemic.

Person doing a survey

Could smarter financial incentives improve charity survey participation?

on 4 June 2021 , 5 minute read

Paying survey participants is standard practice in commercial market research. In the charity sector it is less prevalent. Why is this and how do vouchers or cash rewards affect response rates and survey representativeness?

Traffic lights

How to responsibly end funding relationships with charities

By Matthew Mannix and Charlotte Lamb
on 2 June 2021 , 4 minute read

Emergency grants made at the beginning of the pandemic are coming to an end. How should funders go about ending funding relationships with the organisations they support?

Light coming through a window

Imagining the future for people of colour in grant-making

on 26 May 2021 , 4 minute read

In April 2021, NPC held a philanthropist and funder peer network event on where the sector is falling short on racial justice. We sought to provide a window into the personal experiences of people of colour in grant-making.

People sat at desks working.

Lessons from evaluating systems change progress during the pandemic

By Lewis Haines and Ben Fowler
on 26 May 2021 , 4 minute read

This is the second in a series of joint blogs by Collaborate and NPC. In this piece, we explore the impact of the pandemic on our systems change evaluation work and how the crisis has affected systems change progress.

people planning

Evaluating systems change

By Ellen Care and Ben Fowler
on 21 May 2021 , 4 minute read

This joint blog by Collaborate and NPC details our work developing a maturity model for Save the Children UK’s Early Learning Communities programme.

British skyline
Leah Davis Policy Expert

Where can charities work with metro mayors?

on 11 May 2021 , 4 minute read

Voters in eight regions of England have elected metro mayors. As the country rebuilds from the pandemic and the levelling up agenda gathers pace, the charity sector must work with these newly elected mayors.

Winding garden path
Environmental Expert Liz Gadd

Mental health and the underfunded environmental determinants

on 10 May 2021 , 3 minute read

For Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, our Liz Gadd highlights that the interlinkages between mental health and the environment run much deeper and are more complex than climate anxiety or a mood lifting walk in the park.

elderly lady

How to evaluate the impact of care and support services

By Neil McCarthy
on 6 May 2021 , 3 minute read

NPC recently conducted an evaluation of Octavia's services. This project explored the impact of Octavia's outreach, befriending and activities service for isolated, older and vulnerable people, and it offers advice to those also looking to embrace impact measurement.

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