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‘Poverty porn’ or no, let’s welcome prompts to think differently

The Comic Relief video of Ed Sheeran in Liberia has been branded ‘poverty tourism’ by the annual Radi-Aid awards. The debate around its content highlights the difficult calls charities must make to impact their chosen causes. But it also prompts charities to think hard about how they’re depicting the people and causes they work for. Katy Murray explores.

Image of lots of CCTV cameras on one wall

Innovative or invasive? Charities, data and digital campaigning

It is increasingly possible to use data from people’s online activity to learn about and target them. These techniques do seem to work, but they come with some big ethical questions—and have made headlines when used by political and private organisations. So should charities be using them to build support for social causes? Andrew Weston explores the issues.

Long read: Reflections of an accidental data campaigner

This is the story of how a shy data geek decided to break out from behind the computer screen to advocate for better use of government data to help social causes. With four years leading our Data Lab project under her belt, Tracey Gyateng charts some of the highs, lows and lessons learnt from her time campaigning for better use of data.

Towards a new relationship with the state

The research from our recent State of the Sector work examined the building blocks for a new relationship between charities and the state, we then explored this conversation further at our annual conference, NPC Ignites. In this blog Erica Bertolotto shares her insights from this session.

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