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A magical thing called ‘impact measurement’

By and Rachel Tait
on 4 December 2019 , 5 minute read

Here Rachel Tait, Programme Manager for the Inspiring Impact programme discusses how the programme is helping more charities figure out what impact measurement right for them and they can embed it in their day to day activities.


Shared measurement: Not a magic bullet…yet

By and Shubh Sharma
on 5 November 2019

The way we measure is almost as important as what we measure. Here Shubh Sharma, NPC Consultant sets out the ways measuring collaboratively can improve our work and break down power dynamics.

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State of the Sector 2020

By and Theo Clay
on 31 October 2019

State of the sector, our comprehensive survey of the opinions of charity leaders is returning for 2020. Theo Clay, lead researcher on the project sets out what's changed, what's stayed the same, and what we hope to achieve.

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Big words, big numbers, and big ideas

on 16 October 2019 , 5 minute read

Will Hanford, NPC’s communication manager, attended his first ever NPC Ignites this year and has written a blog on the highlights of his experience. He detects a strong theme of power, particularly the power wielded both consciously and unconsciously by funders, running through the day.

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Mechanisms – A missing component in your theory of change?

on 9 October 2019 , 7 minute read

Theory of change mechanisms are where you describe how you want people to engage with your activities; the kind of relationship you establish; and the thought processes you want them to go through in order to achieve the outcomes and impact you want.

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Shared measurement: Tackling evaluation together

By Oliver Carrington
on 9 September 2019 , 4 minute read

Oliver Carrington, Impact and Evaluation Manager at Imperial Health Charity shares findings from a shared measurement pilot that should be beneficial to other charities and funders.

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The Building Connections Fund: Co-design and community spaces

on 5 August 2019

NPC has conducted a qualitative evaluation of the role of co-design and community spaces in reducing loneliness for young people. The cross-government £11.5m Building Connections Fund is a partnership between government, The National Lottery Community Fund, and the Co-op Foundation.

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Implementing and evaluating co-design

on 1 July 2019

Our five-stage roadmap for planning and implementing your co-design. We also explore how to evaluate your outcomes and processes, and how to learn from the data.

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Troubled Families is not the Holy Grail

By and Dan Corry
on 8 May 2019

The evaluation of the Troubled Families program is one the biggest ever attempted of a government social program. NPC CEO Dan Corry explains why it is a cause for optimism but also a shining example of all the difficulties of evaluation at this scale.

Youth Investment Fund paper 1 front cover

Youth Investment Fund learning and insight paper one

on 30 April 2019

This paper describes the shared evaluation framework that has been developed across the 90 YIF-funded organisations. It is aimed at anyone working within, supporting or providing funding and resources for informal and non-formal learning provision for young people in the UK.

10 tips to help your project reduce loneliness

10 tips to help your project reduce loneliness

on 11 April 2019

This paper brings together emerging findings from the existing evidence to offer practical help to Building Connections Fund grant-holders and other projects working on reducing loneliness.

NPC Ignites conference pack

NPC Ignites: People, Impact, Purpose

on 2 April 2019

What can you expect from our annual conference NPC Ignites 2019?