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Corporate social impact: Theory of change

About this event

This event is for businesses and corporate philanthropists interested in taking a Theory of Change approach to their giving.

We will introduce the concept of a Theory of Change, explain how to develop it, and discuss how it can support you to measure the impact of your funding better. Matt York, Santander Foundation’s Manager, will join us to share Santander Foundation’s experiences of developing and using a Theory of Change, and how it has become a useful strategic tool for the Foundation. At the end of the session, you will understand the value of a Theory of Change in developing your corporate funding approach, know how to start this process, and understand the tools that can help you to do it well.

This event follows-on from our pervious event on The S in ESG: how businesses can plan and measure social impact. There will be further events in our Corporate social impact series in the autumn. To be notified when these events are announced please get in touch or keep an eye on our website.


We are actively working to improve the accessibility of our online and in-person events. As part of our commitment, for all online events we use live closed captions and upload the recordings to YouTube which has the capability to select subtitles.

For in-person events we strive to use accessible venues. If you have any additional accessibility requirements that we can assist with, please email us at Events@thinkNPC.org.


Explore our free theory of change resources and find out how NPC can help you.

Theory of change

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