Our Work

Education Data Lab

We are advocating for an analytical service in education to help not-for-profit and other organisations access impact data from the National Pupil Database (NPD). We have consulted with the education sector and key stakeholders to develop the case for an Education Impact Data Lab (EIDL) service, which is is outlined in Freeing-up education analysis.

Currently charities struggle to access data on what happens to young people after an intervention—for example whether their programme has had an impact on attainment or attendance. This information could help improve the quality of provision and strengthen funding proposals. However, while the data exists, it is not generally accessible to not-for-profit organisations—who are often frustrated that they do not have access to the credible data that is demanded of them and that they would find useful. The aim of the analytical service is to help organisations access the NPD data by linking their own in-house data to government data on outcomes.

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