Charity analysis


Recover from Black Friday with Giving Tuesday

on 29 November 2016

When buying an item, we often shop around to compare deals—do a bit of work to find the best quality product that does the best job for the best value. So how can we do the same when donating our money?


So… what actually makes a ‘good’ charity?

on 30 September 2016 , 5 minute read

This week we launched a new guide to charity analysis. Ruth Gripper explains what the guide is, and how it can help both charities and donors understand what an effective charity looks like.


What makes a good charity? NPC’s guide to charity analysis

on 29 September 2016

NPC's step-by-step guide to charity analysis, outlining our tried and tested approach which focuses on the key characteristics we believe are common to all effective charities.

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Six reasons to sign up to #NPCIgnites

on 10 June 2016

There are many good reasons to join us for our annual October conference, NPC Ignites. Here are just six of them.