Funding a good start: Philanthropy and the early years sector

What happens during their early years has a huge impact on a child. Not all children get the same start, and this inequality can follow them through the rest of their lives. Funders can help reduce inequalities in life outcomes by supporting charities intervening in this early period of a child’s life. Here we outline the various ways in which philanthropists could make an impact in this area.

The charity sector plays a vital role in helping to improve the support for families during children’s early years. They help level the playing field and improve a child’s life chances by intervening at this early stage.  By funding their work, philanthropists can make a real difference.

In this briefing we provide an overview of:

  • The early years as a social issue
  • The UK policy context
  • The work charities are doing
  • The ways in which philanthropists can fund this area

From providing direct support to parents, to training practitioners and professionals, to campaigning and researching to influence the entire system, there are many ways to help. We talk through our funding levels model so funders can decide which area is right for them.Diagram from the report showing the different areas philanthropists can fund


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