Snapshots of the sector

What matters to the social sector in 2019?

As part of our ongoing work to better understand the issues facing the social sector, we spoke to 18 charity leaders, foundations, charities, public sector organisations, cross-sector organisations and professional services firms from across the UK. These interviews form the basis of our six snapshots – looking at the issues which matter today.

To find out more about the snapshots and to get involved in our next round of State of the Sector research, contact Theo Clay, Consultant.


Charities are frozen by the uncertainty around Brexit—but should the sector be doing more to speak up?

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Charity leaders have looked at the problem of falling public trust through a fundraising lens, but is this enough?

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Is the social sector involving those who use the social sector in its decision making and practice?

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Are government contracts the future for the social sector and is the practice of subsidising contracts getting worse?

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The social sector knows that diversity is something to strive for, but is it sure of the benefits it might bring?

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Is 'place' a way for charities to reshape their relationships with the state and other stakeholders?

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