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Putting data on Damian Green’s to-do list

on 12 August 2016

At NPC, we believe in the power of data to help us better understand which interventions and services work. That's why—following the success of our work to support the Ministry of Justice in developing a Data Lab—we are pushing for a Data Lab at the Department for Work and Pensions. George Hoare explains more.

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Shona Curvers

Gotta catch it all! What data can do for funders

on 28 July 2016

The tussle over Pokémon Go's privacy settings is just one of the many signs that data is becoming ever more important. At NPC we've been thinking about how the charity sector can best make use of data. But what does this look like for funders and philanthropists? Shona Curvers explores.

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Sian Berry

The joy and pain of using data

By Sian Basker
on 21 July 2016

While we know that data could help charities do better, many face real obstacles along the way. But there is help out there. Hear from one project that is trying to better understand charities' needs to help more organisations use data for good.


Seven great ways to make the most of your data

on 8 July 2016

If you’re thinking about what to do with data then you’re in good company. Here are some key ways to make data work for your organisation.

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Freeing-up education data: An irresistible proposition

on 20 May 2016

We think an Education Impact Data Lab (EIDL) is an irresistible proposition—using an established approach to understand what works in education. Following the publication of our case for this service, here we outline the benefits for charities, schools, government and students.

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Freeing-up education analysis: Using government data

on 16 May 2016

Opening up government data to help improve educational outcomes for young people—making the case for the development of an Education Impact Data Lab (EIDL) to measure impact, based on the precedent of the Justice Data Lab.

How faith-based charities are split by religion

Keeping faith in data

on 26 April 2016

Reflecting on the challenges of analysing charity data as part of our research programme into faith-based charities. Even when data is accessible it often still requires specialist capabilities and technology to use, but we now have the most advanced and up-to-date analysis of faith-based charities in Great Britain.

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Faith data: Methodology

on 25 April 2016

This paper describes the process and methodology NPC used to generate new data on faith-based charities in Great Britain.

NPC report front cover

Stories and numbers: Collecting the right impact data

on 20 January 2016

NPC’s briefing paper following our event on how charities can decide what types of impact data to collect.