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School for Social Entrepreneurs

The School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) commissioned NPC to evaluate the impact of its courses on graduates, and more widely on the communities they return to.


In 2010, NPC was commissioned by the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) to evaluate the impact of its courses. The SSE is a charity that provides unique year-long courses to social entrepreneurs who want to address a particular social, economic or environmental issue in their local community.


NPC looked at the SSE’s existing data, interviewed six former students and carried out a survey of 160 graduates. The evaluation looked at how well the course was meeting the needs of students and whether there was room for improvement. It also looked at the growth and development of organisations that graduates have gone on to set up and how they had changed their communities.

Our work showed that the SSE approach is highly successful and that the graduates’ organisations are thriving and having a positive impact on their communities. The evaluation was also able to give an estimate of the financial value of this wider community impact—the first time this type of economic analysis has been done for the SSE.


The charity plans to use the report to improve the design of its courses and the support it offers to students. It will also help the charity to communicate its value externally. Nick Temple, director of policy and communications at the SSE says, ‘We’re hoping to use the report with existing funders, and stakeholders, to help recruit new students, and also to improve our work internally. It will be key to how we develop.’

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