Clients and Partners

Clothworkers’ Company

The Clothworkers’ Company has supported our work on trusteeship since 2009, funding NPC to produce research into good charity governance and deliver several seminars for charity trustees.


In 2009 The Clothworkers’ Company commissioned NPC to review the state of charity trusteeship in the UK. Our report, Board matters, questioned the strength of trustee boards in the charity sector and argued that recruitment, training and evaluation of board members is frequently neglected because charities and funders do not prioritise governance.

Following these findings, The Clothworkers’ Company decided to take a role in supporting this vital element in civil society, and has worked closely with NPC since to promote good trusteeship.


In 2010 The Clothworkers’ Company commissioned NPC to run three seminars for charity trustees, which proved popular—all sold out and there were long waiting lists. Following this success, NPC produced several further events for The Clothworkers’ Company, building on suggestions for themes from attendees at past seminars. Topics have included what trustees need to know about measuring impact, an introduction to social investment, how to approach collaboration and merger, and the challenges faced by trustees of small charities. Feedback on these events has been positive, with attendees consistently rating them ‘very useful’.

We have also produced several further research reports, including an update to our initial research into trusteeship, published in 2010; short reports following each seminar series outlining the results of the discussion; and in 2012 The benefits of trusteeship, which aims to introduce charity trusteeship to a new audience and encourage people to pursue it.


NPC’s  on-going work with The Clothworkers’ Company has produced a repository of useful resources on charity governance, while our events have directly reached hundreds of current and prospective charity trustees. Andrew Blessley, chief executive of The Clothworkers’ Company, told us that the partnership ‘has been both enjoyable and rewarding. I’ve been impressed by NPC’s ability to deliver high quality, thought-provoking research and events. They have certainly helped us in our strategic thinking and funding priorities and how we might make the biggest impact.’

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