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Toynbee Hall

East London community organisation Toynbee Hall wanted to find out what the young people it works with really thought about their projects.


Toynbee Hall is a community organisation in the East End of London that provides support to local people in Tower Hamlets. Its flagship Aspire Project works in eight local schools to give young people age 13-14 the chance to take part in creative, fun experiences and challenging activities—aiming to build their confidence, improve their social well-being and help them express themselves in more positive ways. Toynbee Hall wanted to find out what the young people it works with really thought of the project.


Toynbee Hall used the Well-being Measure in 2011 to track the progress of a group of around 80 young people during the project. It surveyed them at three points in time: at the beginning, half-way through, and at the end.

At the first follow-up, there were significant improvements in how young people felt about their school and community. After the second follow, NPC’s Well-being Measure demonstrated improvements in young people’s self-esteem and life satisfaction. This aligns with the overall aims of the Aspire Project, providing strong evidence of Toynbee Hall’s impact on young people’s lives, and showing its success at changing how young people feel about themselves and their environment.


Aspire’s funder, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation said ‘With the results of surveys NPC send to users, organisations are much better placed to understand where they make most impact and where they might need to re-think their approaches.’

Maria, the Project Co-ordinator of the Aspire project, told us that ‘using NPC’s wellbeing survey with young people on the project has helped us to improve the richness and depth of our data, enabling us to show funders, project partners and participants the impact of work more clearly.’

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