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Strategy for charities

NPC is a charity too, and we share your passion for making the greatest possible difference. We care about the issues that matter to you and we take time to understand the unique contribution you make to improving lives.

We have a wealth of experience gained from our work with charities, social enterprises, and funders, since 2002. In addition, we bring insights from our think tank work, for example on cross-cutting issues or future trends. Our guide strategy for impact shares how NPC approaches strategy development and provides charities with a framework for thinking about the strategy process.

Our charity clients range from Scope to Solar Aid, MS Society to National Osteoporosis Society. 97% of our clients in the past year say they would recommend us to others, and 1 in 2 have used NPC’s services before.


How we work with you

Our goal is to help you make the biggest difference to your cause. We provide robust analysis to support decisions and create space for important or difficult conversations. We work with you to identify where you can have the most impact, understand your role in relation to others, and convert words into action.

Strategy must be lived—the written document is secondary. So we engage staff, stakeholders and beneficiaries in the process so that they become part of the plan. Acting as a ‘critical friend’ throughout, we’ll take a facilitative approach rather than a prescriptive one.

We work flexibly with our clients to choose the best approaches and tools to use. We pioneered the use of theory of change in the UK and use a range of models and frameworks to navigate tricky internal and external issues. Once it is established, our measurement team can then help you to measure the impact of your new strategy.

What we do

At its heart, we think that strategy is about finding the sweet spot between your core purpose; the needs and circumstances in your external environment, and your own internal resources and capabilities (we’ve called this our ‘strategy triangle’).

  • NPC's strategy triangle imageOur facilitators can help you to explore what you are aiming to achieve, sometimes using theory of change to drive this discussion.
  • We can conduct an independent assessment of your charity’s effectiveness, using our own methodology to understand your resources and capabilities.
  • Our researchers draw on NPC’s wealth of experience of analysing sectors and horizon scanning to help you understand the external environment.
  • We can bring these elements together to help you define your role, prioritise potential solutions, and allocate resources.

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