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Campaigning in an era of major political shifts

Warren Buffett has contributed greatly to campaigns around women’s reproductive health. But as Trump and his party take control, will all of Buffett’s efforts be for naught? Is it a waste of money for philanthropists to invest in research and campaigns on issues that are subject to the whims of a shifting political landscape?

How to close a charity

A charity closing is not a bad thing if it benefits its users. When news hit last September that leading childcare charity 4Children had ceased operating, NPC’s CEO Dan Corry argued that charity sector should learn from this type of event. The charity, it seemed, had managed to close in a way that did minimal damage to its beneficiaries and staff—a major coup. So what went right? We spoke to it’s former and final CEO to learn from their successful closure.

A more nimble, networked approach can help solve the sector’s problems

Everyone knows charities are facing challenging times. Some are of the sector’s own making—fundraising and governance. Many more relate to the way the wider world is changing—such as the digital revolution, big demographic changes, or the changing role and shape of the state. Here Patrick Murray explores how we could help solve the charity sector’s problems going forward.

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