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The refugee funding gap

The scale of the issues facing refugees and asylum seekers, and the charities that work to support them, are huge. They are also taking place against an increasingly volatile backdrop. Our overview of the sector can help potential donors navigate this terrain, giving them confidence that they can get funding where it is really needed, and that this money can have a significant impact.

How can charities better support fathers?

Father’s Day reminds us of the important role dads can play in their children’s lives, but legislation and cultural norms are still keeping the UK and its families from the full benefits of fathers’ parental involvement. Charities working with families can ask some straightforward questions to check if they are mainstreaming father involvement in services.

How to ensure your charity is harnessing people power

With Volunteers’ Week now behind us we’ve a whole year to think about whether the sector is doing the best it can to tap into and harness people power. Here we look at the different reasons people volunteer, and how charities can appeal to more people to give their time.

Has the behaviour of large charities damaged the whole sector?

At this morning’s NPC event about the consequences of recent high-profile charity scandals, Paul Streets of Lloyds Bank Foundation for England and Wales made a provocative case about the risk of smaller charities being squeezed out by larger. Here he outlines his main arguments.

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