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Submission to the civil society strategy

on 25 May 2018

Head of Policy, Nathan Yeowell, gives a brief rundown of NPC's submission to the civil society strategy.

Mental health: awareness for all?

on 16 May 2018

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Leanne Bennett asks if charities are doing enough to raise the level of understanding of the less common, more complex, conditions.

Start, collaborate, and listen.

on 11 May 2018

Tris Lumley, Director of Innovation & Development, is back with a brand new invention: using design principles to help charities, beneficiaries and tech people work better together.

Headshot of Imogen Walker, ex leader of Lambeth Council

What is changed by collaboration in a place?

By Imogen Walker
on 3 May 2018

Continuing our exploration of 'place', Deputy Leader of Lambeth Council Imogen Walker reflects on the opportunities and dangers of greater collaboration between the voluntary sector and local government.

What we learned: Investigating the ‘impact’ in impact investment

on 30 April 2018

Impact investing is making waves. Leading financial institutions are moving into the field, with over $10trn of global assets now invested sustainably, some promising both competitive financial returns and a positive social impact. But it’s vital to specify and quantify that promised social impact. Plum Lomax draws some lessons from our work to capture this impact for one impact portfolio.

Head shot of julia unwin from Civil Society Futures

The future of civil society

By Julia Unwin
on 26 April 2018

Writing for NPC on the day of the launch Civil Society Futures' one-year interim report, its chair—Julia Unwin—reflects on the her experience during the first half of the inquiry.

Readiness or resilience?

on 25 April 2018

Much has been said about 'investment readiness' for charities and social enterprises. Recent research from the Social Investment business suggests resilience may be more important, especially when it comes to having an impact.

the word impact written in children's toys

Capturing the impact in impact investment

on 24 April 2018

Among all the rush and clamour around the exciting field of impact investment, how do we ensure that investments provide social impact as well as financial returns? Plum Lomax shares some preliminary outputs of new NPC research.

‘Trust me, I’m a charity…’

on 20 April 2018

NPC's new Head of Policy and External Affairs, Nathan Yeowell, reflects on his first NCVO conference and the new Charity Comission chair.

Let’s talk mission and merger

on 19 April 2018

Reflections from Iona Joy, Head of Charities, as we launch new research on merger in the charity sector.

Some problems with place

on 13 April 2018

With place-based problem solving growing in popularity among policy and civil society circles, Dan Corry sets out some of the issues

Unsettling funding—The Transition Advice Fund

on 12 April 2018

Ruth Gripper introduces a new strand to NPC's work and the new challenges of helping vulnerable EU citizens secure their settled status in the run up to Brexit.

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