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Impact measurement

NPC is passionate about helping organisations understand and improve their impact. That’s because we know doing so enables charities and funders to make the greatest difference possible, helps to attract funding, and motivates staff and volunteers alike.

We combine our evaluation expertise with a realistic and flexible approach. In this, we draw on our experience of supporting organisations of all shapes and sizes with their measurement practice. As a charity ourselves, we understand the challenges of making something happen with limited time and resources.

We have advised clients such as Mind, J.P. Morgan and Send a Cow. In the last year, 1 in 2 of our clients had used our services before, and 97% say they would recommend us to others.

How we work with you

Whether you’ve just started your measurement journey or are already quite advanced, we work flexibly to support your needs. This can range from reviewing your organisation’s measurement capabilities, to providing training and advice to help you develop your own measurement framework, to developing and testing new data collection approaches. Our four pillar approach outlines the key steps in approaching impact measurement, based on our experience.

As well as working with individual charities and funders, we also develop shared measurement frameworks for groups of organisations or sectors.

Our four pillar approach

Step one: Map your theory of changefour pillar approach

We can help you develop a theory of change.

Step two: Prioritise what you measure

We can help you prioritise the most important outcomes in your theory of change.

Step three: Choose your level of evidence

We can help you choose an appropriate level of rigour of evidence to meet your needs.

Step four: Select your sources and tools

We can help you access existing data, develop questionnaires, and quantify soft outcomes like well-being.

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