Anoushka Kenley


Anoushka is a senior consultant in NPC’s measurement and evaluation team, helping charities and funders to understand, measure and communicate their impact by working across strategy and measurement projects.

Anoushka is also involved in NPC’s training programme, supporting charities and funders to understand and implement the steps involved in creating an impact measurement framework.

Prior to joining NPC, Anoushka worked as an economist and policy analyst at HM Treasury, the Department of Work and Pensions and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.  There she managed policy reform projects, led teams to develop and assess public policy  proposals and supported the delivery of legislation through Parliament.  She provided senior support on the first team to undertake a Tailored Review of a public body.

Why I work at NPC

The diverse clients we advise at NPC all bring commitment and passion to their work, and it’s inspiring to work with them to help them improve their impact.

A snapshot of my work at NPC


In pursuit of deep impact and market-rate returns

Assessing the impact practices of impact investments

Global innovations in measurement and evaluation


What’s the chance your impact-investment has an impact?

Readiness or resilience?