Sally Bagwell

Sally works within NPC’s research and consulting team as Principal for strategy, supporting charities and commissioners to address the challenges they face in their work. She works across strategy and measurement projects, and has experience in supporting charities through theory of change processes.

Sally has a particular interest in health and in public sector commissioning. She is a regular speaker on both subjects, having contributed to NPC’s related publications including Supporting Good Health: The role of the charity sector, and a briefing on commissioning for funders Times of change.

Since joining NPC in 2012, Sally has worked on a number of NPC’s flagship projects and publications including Money for good UK, NPC’s research into the motivations of high net worth donors; Opportunities for alignment: Arts and cultural organisations and public sector commissioning; and an outcomes framework for the money advice sector.

Before joining NPC, Sally worked at Community Action Southwark, supporting local charities and voluntary organisations with all aspects of their organisational sustainability. She was previously an Account Manager at GuideStar Data Services.

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Why I work for NPC

I love the fact that NPC is so focused on providing practical solutions and advice on the issues that charities and funders care about.

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