NPC produces high quality, independent research into the charity sector. Our reports explore how charities and funders are tackling the UK’s social problems and share lessons and practical insights.

Smart money cover

Smart money

Smart social investment can bring money to address some of our most enduring social problems. But the pressure is on to prove that these results are achieved. This paper shares our lessons learnt so far and builds on our experience in the social sector to suggest how we might achieve better impact measurement for social investment in the future.

Building on potential

Building on potential

As the Labour Party concludes its consultation with the charity sector, NPC urges shadow ministers to rethink its pledge on public service commissioning, and to look closely at the future of volunteering and the impact charities have on the ground.

Measuring the effectiveness of your campaign

Closing in on change

Campaigning is a powerful tool for bringing about social change, but it is a risky pursuit for many charities, involving as it does the spending of often scarce time and money on activities for which success is far from guaranteed. Measuring the impact of your campaigning will raise your confidence in pursuing this course, as well as fulfilling your responsibility to assess whether—and how well—your strategy works.

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