NPC produces high quality, independent research into the charity sector. Our reports explore how charities and funders are tackling the UK’s social problems and share lessons and practical insights.

What a difference a faith makes front cover

What a difference a faith makes

Following an 18-month programme of research into the role of faith-based charities, here we draw together the key findings of this work. We outline what makes faith-based charities unique, the contribution they make to the wider charity sector, and the challenges and opportunities they face.

Valuing data front cover

Valuing data: How to use it in your grant-making

There are over 10,000 charitable foundations in the UK. Between them, they generate a vast amount of data. But this data has not traditionally been seen as a resource in the same way that money has been, and this is a missed opportunity. In this report we outline how grant-makers can use data at both an individual and a collective level to improve their funding practice.

NPC Freeing Up Health Analysis Front Cover

Freeing up health analysis

Based on the precedent of the Justice Data Lab, we argue that relevant government departments should adopt a data labs model to enable charities to better understand the impact of their services on people’s health. This would allow the whole health sector learn what works, and would help to build more effective and efficient services.

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