NPC produces high quality, independent research into the charity sector. Our reports explore how charities and funders are tackling the UK’s social problems and share lessons and practical insights.

Invest in young lives

Invest in young lives

This report makes the case that more philanthropic support should be channelled towards organisations helping disabled children and young people. It seeks to bridge the gap between the evidence base and philanthropic support—highlighting why the cause is important and identifying opportunities for philanthropists to drive lasting change for children and their families.

Meaningful data fron page

How to make your data more meaningful

It takes time, money and expertise to collect and analyse data. Making your data meaningful means getting the most out of it—and getting the most out of the scarce resources allocated to collecting and analysing it. This briefing is a simple how-to for charities on maximising their use of data and, as a result, the work of their organisations.

blf front

Big Lottery Fund—NPC consultation response

Big Lottery Fund (BLF) is consulting on its policy priorities. Building on our experience, NPC’s consultation response suggests ways that BLF can do more to support charities and funders across the sector to deliver the greatest possible impact.

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