Ben Fowler

Ben is a Senior Consultant in the Data and Learning team, specialising in helping organisations to measure and communicate their impact. He is particularly interested in system-level mapping and evaluations—enabling organisations to navigate complex adaptive systems and foster a culture of shared learning and improvement. He is a skilled facilitator and enjoys working with clients such as Save the Children and The National Lottery Community Fund to deliver evidence-based change.

Prior to joining NPC, Ben was the Evidence and Data Lead at the Centre for Homelessness Impact where he worked with researchers, policy makers and practitioners to synthesise, generate and disseminate reliable evidence about the effectiveness of homelessness policies and interventions. Before that he worked as a Research Director at AudienceNet where he worked on projects about youth engagement in politics and public perceptions of the refugee crisis.

You can find Ben on Twitter.

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Why I work for NPC

I love being a part of a collaborative and passionate team addressing the most important issues of our time. Working at NPC gives me a great opportunity to support a diverse range of organisations to use evidence and innovative methods to make a greater impact.

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