Isabella Hugow

Isabella is a Senior Consultant in NPC’s Research and Consulting team. She is currently working on data and learning projects for a range of local charities, including a hybrid evaluation for a partnership project of three prominent organisations, and a clarificatory process for a domestic abuse support scheme. Isabella brings experience in measurement systems, evaluation, communications and organisational development from her work in South Africa, where she managed an impact and learning team at an early years charity. She is particularly interested in multi-stakeholder evaluation projects aiming to strengthen place-based and cross-sector partnership approaches to maximise impact, and is a keen advocate for children and early years investment. Isabella holds a post-graduation qualification in Monitoring and Evaluation Methods.


Why I work for NPC


At NPC I have the chance to work on a wide range of projects with inspiring and passionate colleagues and organisations, each with their own unique areas of specialisation and experience in tackling complex social issues.