Katy Murray

Katy is involved in all aspects of NPC’s communications. She is responsible for preparing NPC’s research and reports for publication and dissemination, and for leading the organisation’s social media presence, and recently lead our work to refresh our website.

Before joining NPC, Katy worked at medical professional membership body FSRH, where she assisted in the development of the organisation’s digital communications. Katy has also previously interned in events and external affairs at local government think tank NLGN.

Last year she completed a course on Psychosocial Studies at Birkbeck—a trans-disciplinary subject that brings together psychoanalytic theory and social and political theory to examine how the individual and society intersect.

Why I work at NPC

Being part of an organisation that improves effectiveness in the charity sector is incredibly rewarding. NPC and its staff are bright, energetic and ambitious in everything they do.

A snapshot of my work at NPC


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