Shona Curvers


Shona supports on all areas of the research and consulting team, supporting charities to measure their impact and develop theories of change. She is currently working on projects with charities to develop a theory of change as a basis for their measurement framework.

Shona recently co-authored User voice: Putting people at the heart of impact practice, exploring the importance of user involvement in the charity sector, and considering the role of service users in an organisation’s impact practice. She was also involved in the development of Valuing data: How to use it in your grant-making, and building the movement to encourage funders to use their own data, and open data to inform their grant-making.

Shona supports Inspiring Impact, an international ten-year collaborative programme that aims to make good impact practice the norm for charities and social enterprises by 2022. She manages the Impact Champion stream of this programme, working with organisations to spread good impact practice throughout the sector.

Before joining NPC, Shona worked in Australia’s leading online youth mental health charity, ReachOut Australia, as their content producer. Shona then moved to London and completed an MSc of Social Development Practice at UCL; a course geared towards the critical analysis of people-centred development. During this time, she engaged in different fieldwork projects in Kenya, London and Bosnia and Herzegovina, using social research methods and community engagement to better understand the lived realities of vulnerable citizens living in these areas.


Why I work at NPC

NPC is pioneering new and important research for the charity sector, and is able to draw from its own consultancy experience to inform this process.