Rosie McLeod

Rosie specialises in qualitative research, participatory approaches and mixed-method evaluations. Rosie has a keen interest in stakeholder voice, recently authoring the paper Make It Count: why impact matters in user involvement. Alongside think tank work and provision of training, Rosie works across strategy and measurement projects to help charities and funders to understand, measure and communicate their impact.

Since joining NPC in 2015, she has authored papers on the uses of qualitative research for charities, interpreting evidence standards and proportionate evaluation, global innovations in measurement and evaluation, how funders can learn from what doesn’t work as well as what does and a shared outcomes framework.

Rosie is an experienced social researcher, previously leading studies across a range of policy areas for central Government and other public sector clients.

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Why I work for NPC

When charities learn about their impact, they can achieve more for those they serve. I love working with them to do that, and NPC is focused on making this happen across the whole sector.

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