Eligibility Criteria

TAF’s approach to funding

The TAF welcomes proposals from organisations working strategically to shape and strengthen the provision of information and advice around EU Settled Status, particularly for those at risk of not securing their status.

We are particularly interested in projects which could influence the advice market or leverage other resources, as well cross-sectoral or collaborative projects between organisations.. TAF also funds organisations working to influence the policy environment around Settled Status.  The TAF does not currently fund direct advice provision.

Current priorities:

The groups expected to be most at risk of missing out on Settled Status are outlined in the Migration Observatory’s research: ‘UnSettled Status’.

TAF is concerned about, and would be interested in receiving proposals from organisations working on the following policy issues and with the following groups (although these lists are not exhaustive):

  • Ensuring that Settled Status application process is inclusive, guided and user-friendly.
  • Raising awareness among groups who may struggle to complete an application.
  • Making sure individuals have a fair and effective route to appeal.
  • Ensuring that the Home Office monitors performance of the scheme and regularly reports on key indicators.

The TAF is also interested in proposals from organisations supporting:

  • Vulnerable women: including women not in paid work such as unpaid carers or stay-at-home parents, women affected by trafficking or abuse.
  • Children: including care leavers, children whose parents may be unaware they need to apply.
  • Roma, gypsy and traveller communities: including the digitally excluded, those with language difficulties and individuals lacking documentation.

We are interested in projects which support applicants to Settled Status in the devolved authorities including Northern Ireland.