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Power corrupts, but not in the way you think

The turbulent events of this summer, from Trump to Brexit, have made us all think a bit more about power. Here, Rob Abercrombie gives his thoughts on the role of power in the funder-grantee relationship, and highlights a lesser know but equally problematic result of this power dynamic.


Everything in moderation—including impact measurement

As the ‘impact agenda’ continues to gather momentum, many charities may be feeling overwhelmed by a need to collect data on everything they do. Even for the organisations with greater resources and know-how, it can be hard to strike a balance between doing the work and measuring its impact. In this blog Peter Harrison-Evans explores a key aspect of impact measurement: balance.

Systems change

Systems change: More than just a shiny new thing

‘Systems change’ seems to be growing in popularity, some might even say it’s a trend. But, as Charlie Howard argues, it’s not as new an idea as it sounds. She talks through her first encounter with the approach, and how it could help us do more for service users.

Inspiring impact

3 ways to improve your impact practice

Many charities, funders and social enterprises are committed to learning and improving, but are stretched for time, resources and know-how. Cecilie Hestbaek, who leads the Inspiring Impact programme, outlines three easy and free ways to help busy organisations improve their impact practice.

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