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NPC Ignites no date

NPC Ignites: An antidote to defensive thinking

Sometimes when you are running a charity it feels hard just to keep going. The danger in this is that we get worn down, become fixed and defensive in our thinking. So every year, we hold a conference to help people raise their eyes above their current battles and look ahead.


Shifting ground for charities?

Democracy is changing—and is the ground shifting beneath charities too? The recent success of Jeremy Corbyn could be a sign that people want something different from the political spectrum, and from others in the establishment.

what about measurement

What lies ahead for impact measurement?

All charities rely on some level of data to inform their work. Innovations in how we can measure, combine, and make sense of this information could revolutionise what charities know and what they can do with that knowledge. Rosie McLeod looks at some examples.


Beyond grant-making: sharing learning

Being a ‘good funder’ is often about more than providing grants. One key area of value is the cross-cutting knowledge that funders gain from monitoring a wide portfolio of grants—they are able to compare the results of a number of similar organisations and spot trends in a way that an individual charity would be unable to. Here we share learning from The Stone Family Foundation following a recent event with three of its grantees at the WEDC conference.

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