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Impact reporting

Basic questions an impact report should answer

Someone I know recently read a charity’s impact report and set up a regular donation as a result. She said the fact that the charity reflected on its shortcomings, and made plans to address them, played a major part in her decision. Asking a few basic questions before writing your impact report will help you establish how and what to communicate.

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Unanswered questions

In most sectors, impact measurement is regarded as standard practice. We haven’t found good ways to measure all our outcomes, and sometimes tracking long-term data or getting the counterfactual is difficult, but on the whole there is a recognition that charities do need to understand whether what we do results in change for the better. However, despite how far we have come, impact measurement isn’t delivering all the benefits that we would want.

Philanthropy map

Innovations in philanthropy: open data

Our latest report, 10 Innovations in Global Philanthropy, highlights trends and innovations that have the potential to really change philanthropy. It has been well received and to spread the word further this is the first in a series of three blogs highlighting some of our favourites.


Don’t all rush at once

After widespread warnings of the death of charity campaigning, a grand total of four charities have decided to register with the Electoral Commission, the regulator responsible for implementing the Transparency of Lobbying, Non-Party Campaigning and Trade Unions Act 2014.


Giving up?

According to new Charity Commission data, the number of charities with incomes over £10 million has exceeded 1,000 for the first time. The overall income of the sector has also increased, but we know the number of charities has remained relatively stable. Are we therefore seeing the growth of the large players and a hollowing out of the middle, as our Chief Executive, Dan Corry, predicted last year?

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