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How to use your data to drive decisions

With our expanding digital universe, it can feel like we’re surrounded by data but very few insights. Sonali Patel looks at how organisations can transform their data into wisdom, and use it to take informed action.

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Campaigning for change: In it for the long haul

The Quakers have been campaigning for centuries, and have been at the forefront of some of the most significant social reforms in history. Here Recording Clerk of Quakers in Britain Paul Parker shares what have they learned about what makes effective activism, and how they’re working to increase their impact.

Yes we can: Wisdom from the sector’s boldest thinkers

We know that charitable organisations are struggling in the midst sweeping social, political, and economic changes. But we also know that with boldness and imagination it is possible to adapt and improve in the face of adversity. Here Patrick Murray, NPC’s Head of Policy and External Affairs, introduces our work to bring to light some examples of transformative thinking.

The future of measurement and evaluation

While good measurement and evaluation is key to increasing the effectiveness of the social sector, for many, the words spell despair. But things are changing, as our new research shows. New applications and new technology are making measurement and evaluation easier to approach and more useful for helping organisations move forward. Dan Corry explains.

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