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Story-centred learning

Story-centred learning

Thousands of scientists have rigorously studied the causes and risk factors in heart disease over the last half century, but a single longitudinal experiment has revealed more than any other approach. So why aren’t we in the philanthropy world copying this approach—observing what’s out there and looking for patterns over time?


Upgrade or become obsolete?

Not long ago, describing a world where you could order groceries, purchase clothes and even find a life partner through a computer would seem the work of sci-fi. Instead, it is a reality and not one that everyone has readily embraced. It was recently reported that an 89 year old British woman of reasonable health had chosen to end her life at Dignitas in Switzerland. Her reasoning? She had quite simply had enough of modern life.

Letter from America

Letter from America

My colleagues and I have recently returned from a whirlwind programme of seminars and meetings in Washington D.C ., New York to San Francisco. Our subject: are we doing enough to create lasting social change by focusing on impact? We explored this difficult question with some of the leading lights of the impact movement in the US, sharing our research on charities and funders, and learning from the experience of others.

Over 100s

An ageing society in practice

Have charities really thought through the effects of an ageing population? Every decade the average life expectancy increases by two years, and half of all babies born in 2014 are expected to live to 100. So how should your board and management be preparing today? James Cochrane CBE, member of the Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing, asks some direct and practical questions.

Spring clean your org

Spring clean your organisation

I don’t know about you but when Spring rounds the corner I get a bounce in my step and bring out the proverbial Marigolds. It got me thinking about whether we could embrace a spring cleaning mentality in our individual charities. What is our equivalent of getting rid of that old jumper we know we’ll never wear again but hold onto anyway?

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