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In it to win it

Why the NHS needs charities

The NHS Five Year Forward View conducted by Simon Stevens is music to the ears of many—but for now it’s the mood music rather than the full orchestra. Stevens’ paper proposes ‘a radical upgrade in prevention and public health.’ It envisions a health service that ‘empowers patients to take much more control over their own care and treatment’, one that

Philanthropy map

Innovations in philanthropy: 100% impact investing

For my third and final blog of the series, I want to end by talking about 100% Impact Investing—where investors commit their entire asset base to achieving varying degrees of social impact. Charly and Lisa Kleissner, through their KL Felicitas Foundation, are a prime example.

sacred cow

The not so sacred cow

For years, ‘it’s for charity’ has been a very handy phrase, the perfect get-out clause for repentant celebs, globe-trotting challenge-seekers and owners of ice buckets alike. But if the findings of NPC’s recent poll with Ipsos MORI are anything to go by, this phrase may no longer be quite the convenient deflection it once was. That is because the public may

Well-being measure

This won’t hurt a bit

‘Her face, her face!’, the media screamed in ours this week. Yes, a famous Hollywood actress has dared to have (and then deny) surgical tweaks, and just in time for Halloween too—the ghouls are sat at their keyboards, sharpening their online pitchforks. As an industry, it has long been perceived to favour youth and the unattainable; where the damned if

high-impact-charity-480x270-events page-2

Who’s important to you?

As a charity, who are your stakeholders? At yesterday’s impact conference, Bobby Duffy from Ipsos Mori shared information on public attitudes towards charities. But the importance of this to your work will very much depend on the type of charity you are.

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