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Shouting out

Who knows best?

NPC has long argued that charity governance, at its best, means including people affected by the cause in the running of the charity. So here’s an awkward question. What if a charity involves beneficiaries in this way—and then doesn’t agree with what it hears from them?

Denise Marshall_Eaves

Remembering Denise Marshall

Following the sad death of Denise Marshall, former chief executive of Eaves and vocal campaigner for women, Angela Kail remembers her great leadership qualities and how she never stopped speaking up for, and with, those who didn’t have a voice.


A new focus on outcomes?

‘The spectre of the November Spending Review now hangs over us all’
Dan Corry outlines some of the key questions and explains why government funding is likely to be increasingly based on outcomes.

student taking exam

We all want to know how well our kids are doing, don’t we?

Today is GCSE results day, and the UK’s young people will find out how well they have performed. But what about the charities that have been working with them to try and facilitate their success? Wouldn’t it be helpful if they too could access the statistics needed to ascertain whether or not they are supporting children to get better grades?

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