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Reviewing & improving your strategy training

Strategy: embrace it and reap the rewards

‘Charities with strategies appear more able to deal with fluctuating economic conditions’ the ICAEW reported to the Charity Commission. Its review of 26 charities, all with income less than £5m, shows that larger charities (£1-5m) are more likely to have a formulated strategy than smaller ones (<£1m).


The power of digital: transforming the sector

Technology has played only a minor role in the charity sector. We have websites, social media, and online fundraising, but on the whole our technological advances have been incremental, not transformative. Director of Development, Tris Lumley, hopes this all about to change.


Chugging: more an irritant than a turnoff

Among the public’s grumbles about charities, complaints about fundraising seem to be the most recurring and often the most heartfelt. The results of NPC’s two public surveys by Ipsos MORI in 2014 certainly support this idea. For three in ten people, charities putting too much pressure on people to donate is a top concern (findings from our January 2014 survey are outlined

No more page 3

Losing the battle, winning the war

It’s the reverse ferret to end all reverse ferrets. On Monday, the Sun newspaper scrapped the daily images of topless women on Page 3. This morning, they were back. How do we understand the impact of a campaign like NoMorePage3 in this context?

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