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Changing attitudes to charity?

It’s not often you get chief executives and senior staff from children’s and families’ charities talking together about older people and our ageing society. But that’s what the Commission on the Voluntary Sector & Ageing managed to do at a recent roundtable.

Systems change

Systems change is all around us

From Michael Gove making moves ‘to reform our examination system’ to Ed Milliband promising to ‘reshape our social security system’, it feels like systems change is all around us. But what is it? And how can people in the social sector get involved, intervene and contribute to radical and long-lasting change?

World Water Day

Happy World Toilet Day!

Happy World Toilet Day! I assume you have extensive plans laid on for today’s celebrations. No? Well, here are a few quick things you can do show love for your loo.

Philanthropy map

Catching the spend down wave: from the ONE Foundation

Why adopt spend down as a strategy for a foundation or trust? Deirdre Mortell, former CEO of ONE Foundation, shares the early motivations as well as conclusions of the decision to spend down. ‘It had the immediate effect of transforming the capital available to ONE’, the Impact Report 2004-2013 declares.

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