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A yes vote in scotland

A yes vote in Scotland

In just under a week, around 4.1 million Scots will cast their vote to decide the future of the UK. Some Brits may refuse to finish the thought of what will happen if Scotland decides to go independent, but with polls hovering at just around 50/50, for charities who operate north of the English border, this question is a serious one with no easy answer.

Shock horroe

Campaigning: let’s start a new debate

We opened NPC’s recent debate, Is hashtag activism killing grassroots activism?, by asking who isn’t using digital campaigning? In a room of 150 practitioners, only one person put their hand up. It is a given that the use of the internet is threaded through our common existence. So why is the debate still around?

ice bucket

Ice bucket or not

Tim Harford, undercover economist and presenter of More or Less, recently accepted the #icebucketchallenge on air. He enlisted the help of various experts in his decision to donate £5 to the Motor Neurone Disease Association and £100 to the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative (SCI). Here are NPC’s issues with Tim’s decision

Bring back our girls

Is hashtag activism killing grassroots politics?

Ahead of next week’s debate on the future of campaigning, we asked John Coventry of to comment. ‘Is “hashtag activism” (bleurgh) killing grassroots politics? No. Of course it isn’t. It’s massively, immeasurably, improving it.’

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