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Leading impact

When it comes to impact, leadership is the key

Behind all the progress on the technicalities of impact measurement lies a troubling fact: that all the measurement tools in the world won’t make a difference unless the social sector is driven by leaders who want to use them. That’s why I’m delighted NPC is organising a one-day conference on the subject in March 2015.


Our thinking on theory of change: for funders

Earlier this year I blogged about the benefits of theory of change for funders—for developing strategy, communicating how and what you fund, and supporting learning and evaluation. Today I’m glad to say we have now published Planning to make a difference, which sets out how funders can go about realising these benefits.

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Our thinking on theory of change: for charities

Since NPC first began to explore theory of change, it has become a core component of our work. We have found it to be enormously useful in helping charities and funders to articulate what it is that they do and why. To mark the recent publication of two new guides, here is the first of two blogs on theory of change.

Social investment

Our work with funds like Cheyne Capital

Chronic under-investment by successive governments in housing, social property and infrastructure has resulted in a huge hole which only very large amounts of capital could begin to fill. Charities surviving on a few grants here and there just won’t do it. And government isn’t increasing its own borrowing. Attracting private investors with financial muscle to support development seems a sensible alternative.

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