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the invisible dad

No country for young people

Last Friday was UN Universal Children’s Day, where the recognition of the rights of children was celebrated internationally. Yet some have accused this government of creating a ‘country for older generations’. What role can charities play in representing the many young people who are worse off because of austerity?

light bulb ideas

To welcome refugees, we must welcome change

The refugee sector is a clear example of an area where beneficiary need cannot be met through service delivery alone. Stephen Hale of Refugee Action explains how understanding the systems that determine the ‘refugee journey’ can allow refugee charities to help more people.


Mitzvah day highlights what faith-based charities have to offer

This Sunday is Mitzvah Day, which sees around 37,000 people volunteering on a single day of faith-based social action. This highlights the crucial role faith-based charities play in the sector, and in society as a whole. But how much do we truly understand about the role faith plays in driving a charity’s work and impact?

World toilet day

World Toilet Day 2015: Not to be sniffed at

It’s World Toilet Day, but 2.5 billion people still do not enjoy the luxury of having a toilet in their homes—leading to an increased risk of disease and malnutrition. Water, sanitation and hygiene is therefore a crucial area, but is often overlooked by funders. Drawing on the work of the Stone Foundation, Stephanie Johnson explains why the sector deserves more attention.

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